Face to Face with social network "FACEBOOK"

Nowadays, Facebook is the most visited social network throughout the world. Created ini 2007, Facebook gained fame in 2009. People from different backgroundsare using this site for different purposes.But what we should bear in mind is that with latest trojans, phisers, hackers, and imposters floating around cyberspace. Facebook is not always safe. Here are some tips to facebooking safely.

  1. The first thing you have to do is separate your private accounts from your public account to prevent spam threats
  2. Set the profil security setting on private mode to protect all your secret information
  3. Posting your personal detail such as cell phone number or e-mail address on Facebook can be fatal mistake. You don't want to wake up at midnight because of a call from someone you don't know, do yoo?
  4. Facebook is very famous for its feature call news feed. It enables you to express everything on your mind. However, you must watch your fingers when you hit the keyboard. Don't write about sensitive issues, humilate your friend and mention names.
  5. Don't approve friendly invitations from someone yoou don't know. You must have heard the horrible news about girls beingheld captive for days after meeting a new frien on facebook.
  6. Facebook is also famous for its feature of uploading images. When uploading your pictures, make sure you share them only with your friends or people you know already
  7. If you feel like sharing your private problems with your pals living away from you , do it with private messages.Don't write or tell about confidential matters on your friends Facebook's wall
  8. Some people consider Facebook about a representation of their personal profile, we can reveal our relationship[ status with someone else on Facebook. Should you not put down ypur real status, you may end up missing other people's lives
  9. Facebook is a social network allowing its userto display thousands of pictures. Thus, you are free to show all of your photos. However, don't put indecent pictureson Facebook, such as pictures of intimacy, showing racial and ideological issues or extreme violence

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